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Investigational Products

  • Obtaining of permission for importation of Investigational Product.
  • Organizing the shipping of Investigational Product to Ukraine, validation of documents, communication with sender.
  • Importation of Investigational Product by our own broker team.
  • Storage of Investigational Product at controlled ambient (15⁰C-25⁰C) and cold (2⁰C-8⁰C; -20⁰C) temperature ranges.
  • Storage at controlled extra-low temperatures (-40⁰C to -80⁰C).
  • Storage of Investigational Product at controlled humidity conditions.
  • Shipment formation in accordance with requests for shipping to study sites 15⁰C-25⁰C; 2⁰C-8⁰C.
  • Delivery to any site in Ukraine within 24 hours upon request (including IVRS). 
  • Same day delivery with own dedicated vehicles within Kiev.
  • Collecting of unused IP and its accumulation in dedicated warehouse area for local destruction in the specialized company or return back to sponsor.
  • Relabeling of Investigational Product.
  • Local purchase of concomitant therapy.
  • Import, storage and delivery of controlled substances.
  • Validated inventory management and tracking system designed based on applicable GMP/GDP/GSP/GCP requirements.